we wake you up from your IT routine
We would like to invite you on first it mornings in Wroclaw, come before work and enjoy IT conversations with experienced people.
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About Events

– we wake you up from your IT routine

ITea&Coffee is a monthly morning lecture series for IT community in Wrocław as today our city is a great hub of many IT opportunities.

Our goal is to inspire, no matter what is your major filed of IT interest. Our presenters will try to describe their topics the way interesting from different perspectives. We believe that life is great when we have a possibility to learn, inspire and share our knowledge and experience.

Once a month, on a 1st Thursday of the month, IT experts/specialists/want to be IT gather for around 1 hour morning meeting. We open our doors at selected venue/restaurant (for details please check upcoming events) at 8.00 am, the talks will start at 8.30 am followed by discussion till 10.00 am.

Event language are English or Polish (depending on foreign participants presence).

Join us and take a part in our event. All updates regarding our initiative you can find on our FB profile or meetup group.

Social Gallery
dragon event
start 8:30 | 06 / 10 / 16 | Dinette - plac Teatralny 8, Wrocław
- Exploring C# 7 features
With our friend, Piotr Czarnecki, experienced .Net developer will try to check out what new ideas have been explored and shared by Microsoft in new release of C# 7.0. Some of changes to the language will be presented in practice, based on simple examples (using Visual Studio 15 Preview IDE). We hope that after this short presentation, we all will know what new features we can expect from C# 7.0
- What reeks in your code?
Most of us like nice smells. We would like to smell it long. Sometimes there is a bad smell around us and then we want to get away. Our colleague, Maciej Paruszewski, experienced Ruby developer / technical leader will help us to recognize the smell of the source code. This short presentation will be free of any specific technology and we believe that will be useful for all developers, testers or product managers.
orange event
start 8:30 | 03 / 11 / 16 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
- Open-source projects, which care about your security
Our security engineer, Paweł, will present 2 great open-source projects that can help to improve a security in your IT projects: OWASP WebGoat and OWASP OWTF (Offensive Web Testing Framework). Paweł will show you how easily use both and get a profit for your projects.
- Gamification in teaching Agile methodologies
Gamification is the concept of applying game elements and techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. During this short presentation, our project manager, Remigiusz, will share with us a case study of using this tool in teaching Agile methodologies (scrum in particular) to students of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Remik will demonstrate outcomes of experimental classes conducted in 2015/16 together with conclusions and hints for using Gamification in various projects, not only related to education.
pomegranate event
start 8:30 | 01 / 12 / 16 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
- Why your JavaScript framework choice doesn't matter!
A short story about technology changes in the long term project and how to test it. Are you a Front-End developer? Maybe not, but you might have heard about frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js, Meteor, Backbone or Aurelia. Have you ever tried to use any of them? How about switching from one technology to another? Do you think that this is a mission impossible? Maciej Adamczak, experienced WebUI developer, during his presentation, will tell you a short story about changes in a long-term project. Why rewriting something from scratch is a bad idea. And what should you do in order to convince your PM or client to use a different framework. Since the framework is just a tool. Like a hammer. You can use it to build something. Or hurt yourself pretty badly. It will not be a fairy tale.
- Make if efficient! How to communicate to achieve your goals.
Have you ever encountered a difficult client or a "problematic" stakeholder? Then this is a presentation for you! During our meeting, Krzysztof Kołosowski will reveal the typical personas we meet usually in our work / projects and will teach us how to ask the right questions.
pear event
start 8:30 | 12 / 01 / 17 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
- Test in the future – How to prepare?
It took us over 100 years to add wheels to our suitcases. How much time and effort is needed to learn how to test new technologies? In 2015 one of the most popular themes for many testing events was about the technologies of the future. We discussed a lot what we can expect in the next 30 years but we didn’t talk how to test. For my presentation I chose examples on which I would like to show what issues we can face and few ideas how we should prepare for them.
The purpose of this presentation is to start discussion how we should prepare.
- Channels of information perception – how to use them
Have you ever tried to explain simple stuff to other person and in the end he/she wouldn’t understand a thing?
Have you ever listened to the dialog and couldn’t remember it as good as when reading it out loud?
Have you ever thought WHY?
We will try to figure it out together during my presentation by walking through theory and practice: we’ll define WHAT ARE the channels of information perception and HOW TO use them to communicate our ideas better, faster and precisely.
apple event
start 8:30 | 02/ 02 / 17 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
This time both presentation will focus rather on soft part of our daily work.
- Team building – how to lead team members successfully?
- Agile Software Development – Journey through Myths and Reality
blueberry event
start 8:30 | 03 / 02 / 17 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
Epic Battle: Zombies vs Mutants
People love zombies. Just look how many movies about zombies are made. But Why? They don't have purpose, consume 'non-zombie' resources, spread panic and fear. Even though, people love them. People don't love mutants. 'Mutant' is such a negative word. Even if you find a really cool mutants, like Spiderman or Wolverine, we call them superheros. It just sounds better. But when you look at them they have great powers that can be used for great things. But nope, people don't love mutants. IT people are much smarter and prefer mutants over zombies. How many zombie test we have in our systems? Tests, that don't check anything, fail in the worst moment, consume resources and time? Do we even know where they are and how many of them there is exactly? Not really, and here mutants can help. And to be more precise - mutation testing. In my presentation I would like to talk about mutation testing and how they affect the quality of both the code and tests. During live coding session I would like to present lightweight and easy to introduce framework PITest, which I consider to be the best available solution for mutation testing.
Speaker description:
For those who had no opportunity to meet Tomasz yet:

Tomek is a Software Development Manager at Ocado Technology. He has 5 years experience working as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master and Agile Trainer.

As an engineer, he is passionate about craftsmanship, propagating clean code, automated tests, behaviour driven development and domain driven design. As a leader, he helps to build an organizational culture based upon autonomy, collaboration and trust so that developers are equipped with both the hard and soft skills necessary to build truly awesome products.

Tomek loves to change the reality around him. He is highly pragmatic, challenges orthodoxy at all levels and believes that there is always room for improvement. He is always eager to discuss and share his ideas.
kiwi event
start 8:30 | 30 / 03 / 17 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
- BA way
Wojtek Jakubowski, Senior Business Analyst with 11 years of experience in business analysis including 9 years of experience in IT
We will take a closer look at the future of Business Analysts, both in terms of a micro scale of a workday and a macro scale of the labor market. How will current IT trends shift our job descriptions? How will global economy disrupt our role? What opportunities do those forecasts create for us? What might their advantages and disadvantages be
- How to not build castles in the sand - improve your backlog management skills
Krzysztof Kołosowski, business analyst with multi-domains experience, currently working as a business consultant in an automotive company. Advocate of effective, interactive meetings and unorthodox approach to projects.
Avid cyclist and gadget lover. Over the last few years fountain pen enthusiast with a special interest in calligraphy
Nowadays backlog is used in almost every project. It can be a source of IT requirements or even your very own container for weekly tasks. Although it's easy to create one, not everyone knows the appropriate techniques and tricks that help a lot during day-to-day work. With good practices and different ideas we will build our own castle and organize our sandbox. See you there!
papaya event
start 8:30 | 10 / 05 / 17 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
How to prepare your IT services for a potential disaster?
Finally! We are happy to announce our 1st speaker during Papaya Event: Mateusz Holewski. He is our guest as a part of Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017 and will share presentation about:
In a world of IT Services we see that one thing that business hates in unpredictability. To bring value we have to be resilient to unexpected events. Currently natural disasters are becoming more frequent and damaging. We also hear a lot about human-related risks like sabotage, terrorism or civil unrest.
I want to show how to make your applications resilient and available during a fundamental change to one's environment.
More info about Mateusz: he is a Disaster Recovery Coordinator, has worked in both IT Development and IT Services for more than 10 years.
His fields of interest include ERP systems, software testing & cyber security. Currently he is leading projects in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Backup&Restore.
Organiser of the software quality conference TestFest in Wroclaw.
In his free time he likes to talk about food, to ride a bike and to help with big events.
"Are Windows users the children of a lesser god of front-end development?"
Bartek Kozera, Front-end developer at SoftServe. A former rock star wannabe and a big NBA fan.

Are all of the operating systems equal when it comes to front-end programming?
Are the differences real or is it just a matter of preference, community attitude or fashion?
Let me tell you about my experiences and findings.
strawberry event
start 8:30 | 01 / 06 / 17 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
IoT – new buzzword, old issues
Paweł Prociów is an expert on Bluetooth and other IoT technologies. Worked for established cutting edge technological companies such as Gemalto, Qualcomm and Huawei in United Kingdom, Germany and Poland. in 2010 he received a PhD from the University of Nottingham in the field of applying sensor networks in psychiatric treatment. Currenctly leading technical implementations of a novel proximity platform in the Polish market.
A brief look on what is IoT (internet of things) and where it came from. What are the biggest barriers in implementing IoT on a wider scale. My journey through the world of IoT.
.NET Core in 2017
Łukasz Pyrzyk is a senior Software Developer at Ryanair. He's a high performance programming enthusiast and a fan of challenges. Likes watching movies, cycling and traveling.
What's new in the .NET ecosystem? How Microsoft want's to supprice us in this year? He will talk about current architecture of .NET Framework, .NET Standard and several upcoming features like Span<T>, ArrayPool or ValueTask.
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cherry event
start 8:30 | 06 / 07 / 17 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
DevOps, where Dev and Test get along with
Michał Buczko His "Business as Usual" is varied and exciting. Michał is a part of a Dev feature team in NewVoiceMedia family where he is the advocate for great and efficient testing. He gives his insight into design of the features, the definition of the scope of testing. Michał works with Developers to create automated tests for their Continuous Integration and Delivery platform. In addition, he explores the features and products, supports regression and releases and expands his knowledge to be able to improve all everyday stuff. He takes his self-learning seriously, shares "new-fancy stuff" with others and helps team members grow as individuals. In the future, Michał wants to become a champion of good testing and provide support to all functions which directly interact with their customers. To achieve that he is allowed and expected to challenge assumptions and suggest different ways of working/testing. In his free time Michał is encouraged by the organization to share their experience and tries his best to take his public speaking hobby into a whole new, professional level.
Have you ever considered how a duo of a tester and programmer can change the workflow in your project? Michał will show you how such duos worked well in DevOps environment in NewVoiceMedia, where he manages the parallel requirements, the operations must be compliant with PCI DSS standard and the deployment process requires the cooperation of many teams. The method proposed by Michał may be beneficial in both agile and waterfall methods — no matter if the team is working in one room or if it's located across several continents. How to create and keep a common goal for the entire team? What are the advantages of using pair programming? You will find answers to these questions during the lecture.
Sitecore in three words – Sexy, Powerful, Exciting
Robert Senktas is working as a Sitecore & Cloud Architect at SoftServe. He has 16+ years of commercial software development experience across a wide range of technologies and has successfully delivered software products for embedded, Windows, and web platforms. His passion is learning new technologies and automation of development processes.
This presentation describes a several different positions in Sitecore Experience Platform (SXP) ecosystem. The goal for this presentation is to help you evaluate different careers connected with SXP. I'll do that by covering the roles and responsibilities, technical skills, and relevant trainings or certifications for the following positions. At the end of this presentation you will have a basic knowledge about SXP and how you can build your career with the SXP
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peach event
start 17:00 | 03 / 08 / 17 | Proza (2nd floor)
Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław
A presentation is not PowerPoint. You are the presentation
Agata Piórkowska is a Resource Manager at SoftServe with 5 years of professional experience in talent acquisition within IT sector. Psychology graduate with strong interest in human relations and personal development. Travel enthusiast and a book-lover. She likes to challenge herself by giving presentations from time to time.
Do you consider public speaking a challenge? You read guide books on “how to rock your next presentation” while the question “how to survive your next presentation” would be far more accurate? Mark Twain once said: 'There are two types of speakers - those that are nervous and those that are liars'. I would like to convince you that while you should take great care of preparing content and design, delivery – the third inseparable part of every presentation – is actually the most important one. This speech is also meant to show you a dialogue as a great way to deliver a presentation… without passing out.
Clients in the woods and designers from hell
Paulina Siwiec is a Senior UX Designer. Always focused on understanding both users’ and investors’ needs, Paulina enjoys dealing with UX design challenges and generating the best thinkable solutions. She finds her degree in architecture as very useful for understanding the intricate processes comprehensively and for translating them into ergonomic interfaces. She loves working with people and for people.
We will talk about different types of clients and how to deal with their expectations and attitude in the context of product design. Nice and easy like breakfast television
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